Frequently asked questions

Where are you based?

CoLab is a virtual organisation. We don’t have offices. We will work at client offices or wherever we happen to be. In this way we keep our overheads low and can charge lower fees. The core team are based in Oxfordshire (UK), Catalonia (Spain), in Veneto (Italy), Bas-Rhin (France), and Managua (Nicaragua).

How many people work for CoLab?

In addition to the core team there are around 20 associate consultants who will work with us should we need their expertise. We also have a number of partner organisations who will work with us to provide technical support.

Are you always the lead consultant?

No. We are very flexible about team configurations. We can be lead consultant, we can be embedded within other consultant teams, or act as sub-consultants. Our chief priority is to do a good job.

Do you operate in more than one language?

Yes. We can all work in English and a majority can work in French and Spanish. Some of the team speak Italian, Catalan, Portuguese, Arabic and Mandarin.