Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Urban Development, Built Road Transport (BRT), Economics, Market Analysis, Governance, Employment, Housing, Land Value Capture, City

We have recently worked on as part of an international, multidisciplinary, team for World Bank and the President's Office for Regional And Local Government (PORALG) to examine ways of maximising the benefits of inffrastructure investment on urban development.

Team members: Hugh Mulcahey, Mike Duff, Jacques Remy

Oxford University, United Kingdom

Science Park, Development Strategy, Estates Strategy, Housing Strategy, Business Case Development, PMO, Campus

We are currently Providing Strategic Support to The University of Oxford on the a strategy for the development of a new Innovation District on the outskirts of Oxford

Team members: Hugh Mulcahey




Workplace Technology, United Kingdom

Product Strategy, Workplace Market Assessment, Facilities Management, Data Analysis, Data Visualisation, Workplace

We continue to work with ExcelRedstone helping them develop and promote workplace management technology designed to improve workplace utilisation and performance.

Team members: Hugh Mulcahey

National Plan, Bahrain

Urban Development, Land Value Capture, Governance, Public Private Partnerships, Management of Public Spaces, Compulsory Purchase

CoLab recently worked with a French consortium under the direction of Expertise France to assist with the development of a new national planning guidlines for Bahrain. CoLab worked with the team to examine how some of the policies could be delivered in practice.

Team members: Hugh Mulcahey, Jacques Remy

Science Hub, United Kingdom

Science Park, Estate Strategy, Business Case, Risk, PMO, Campus

Prior to starting CoLab Hugh worked with Public Health England planning the delivery of the new Science Hub to replace existing research and development facilities located at Porton Down.

Team members: Hugh Mulcahey




Co-Working Strategy, United Kingdom

Market Analysis, Market Strategy, Financial Modelling, Organisational Strategy, Workplace

We worked with Martins Properties to analyse opportunities in the Co-Working sector. This work included an in-depth analysis of the market, the business models used and resources required to deliver co-working space and services.

Team members: Hugh Mulcahey