Expert Services Tailored to Meet Your Needs

CoLab will ensure that you have the right team for the job. We have consultants with experience ranging from workplace strategy to planning major urban development. Each project has a hand-picked team to meet the clients' specific needs.

Project Review

We will review your project or programme at any stage from inception to completion. CoLab will give expert and impartial advice about your objectives, how well you are meeting them and how performance could be improved.


CoLab will help you develop your strategy. We will work with you to ensure that you have clear objectives and set realistic measures of success. We don't believe that strategies need to be complex - we strongly believe that they must be clearly understood.

Business Cases

We are expert at building business cases for large projects. We will help you clearly describe the costs and the benefits. We will work with you to identify risks and work up risk management strategies. Together we will plan for project management and governance.

Plan for Change

Sound projects can be hard to deliver. CoLab will support you in developing plans for change that will enhance cooperation and minimise disruption. We believe that planning for change is includes planning communications.

Research & Analysis

We provide market and economic analysis to clients. Our understanding of economics, geography and real estate markets helps clients gain strategic insights and spot emerging trends.

Measure Results

CoLab helps clients to develop methods of performance measurement. We work together to develop scorecards and dashboards so that clients can monitor the success of projects and programmes from inception through to operation.